March 20, 2017     |     Rod Rowland

You gotta keep the love alive!
To last in this crazy wild business of being an actor and to be able to ride out those slow periods when nothing is going your way, you have to remember why you are doing this. YOU LOVE ACTING. It’s easy to forget. The business of acting can easily drain you; not getting auditions, or getting them and not booking. All the drama that comes with getting an agent, or having one and wondering if they are working for you. And about a thousand other things can wear you down.
The one constant thing I always did that allowed me to rise above those dark periods and not give up, was ALWAYS being in class and studying.  In class I would forget about the business and pressures to get work and just ACT. Constantly working on scenes and characters allowed all those business wounds and insecurities to roll off my back and I would get reinvigorated. Studying and deepening my craft kept me in touch with why I’m doing it in the first place; the pure love of acting. I would in turn carry that reinvigorated passion into my next series of auditions that would inevitably come and of course I would book the jobs. Casting directors see that love and passion inside you, (not a beat down, desperate, negative actor) it feeds your choices in scenes, makes you special. It makes you a magnet.
So The next time this business has you down, get back in your class, re-fall in love with acting again. Carry that love into your next series of auditions and watch a new magic happen in your work and career.



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