The Memorization App

March 20, 2017     |     Rod Rowland

IF you have a memorization app—DELETE IT. The hot trend for the newer actor is using a memorization app that allows you to record what the other character says, then you’ll have a paused moment so you can rehearse saying your lines. It keeps going and going on a loop, thus giving you a partner for running and memorizing your lines. Sounds great right? Its not. Its death to your career as an actor on the professional level. Because the other characters lines are said to you the same exact way every time. This causes you to say your characters response lines the same exact way. As you run the scene over and over to memorize it, your lines become stuck like cement in the same exact line reading. Worse than that your pacing and rythym becomes locked in, causing you to give a Zombie performance, without any ability to have a real moment. (real moments being the key to booking a job)If you bring that kind of preparation into a professional audition they will spot it immediately. Plus you will absolutely never be able to take direction from the casting director, and 7 out of 10 auditions you will be re-directed. All I can say is memorization apps will shut the door on your professional career. Just do it the old fashioned way….by yourself. When your memorizing make sure you run your lines many different types of ways so that it becomes memorized with flexibility, so ultimately you can adjust in the moment during your performance or take direction.



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