March 20, 2017     |     Rod Rowland

If your taking a cold reading class right now—– RUN!
FACT: Cold readings only exist at the lowest level of the film business by amateur or novice casting directors. They do not exist at the the true professional level.
In my 25 years of professional auditioning I’ve encountered a truly cold read 3 times, and I was still allowed to work on it for 30 minutes before performing it, so it wasn’t cold at all. A cold reading class is an absolute waste of your time and money! The sad truth is that the myth of cold reading importance is promoted all over this town by lazy clueless teachers that have no clue about true professional acting. And YOU, the new actor is the victim. The truth is that is to book a professional acting job you need a craft, tools you can depend on, and know your material and inside and out. It requires true commitment and effort. But that effort will allow you to thrive and excel under the pressure of an audition situation. Cold reading classes will ultimately leave you very cold. Run.



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