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“Rod’s a working actor so he gets it. His experience prepared me for all the things that can happen on set. He inspires and challenges you. Best investment I ever made”
Vikings, Warcraft, The Beast, Tarzan

Gillian Anderson
If what you are is a new actor, you’ve hit the jackpot. Rod’s true gift is taking a beginning actor from zero to professional. He has the very rare ability to make unexplainable acting concepts understandable and immediately usable.” about?

Danay Garcia
“Besides all the incredible breakthroughs in my work that I had with Rod, the best part of working with him was his energy. He had a way of getting through to me when no one else could; that all my goals were attainable. You can’t put a price on that.” this item about?
‘Fear the walking dead’, ‘Prison Break’

Mayte Garcia
“Every time I get an audition, Rod is the first person I call. Working with him, gives me the confidence to walk in the room and be ready for anything the casting people might throw at me. I feel present, confident, and I understand the scene. He is a gem that I hope people see in front of the camera and behind.”
‘Army Wives’

Michael Masini
Rod’s script memorization and rehearsal technique not only blew my mind, it changed it all for me. In the last two years I’ve booked major roles on nine different shows for a combined sixteen episodes of television. I feel like the skies the limit.
Rebel, The Inspectors, Blue Bloods, NCIS, Rounds

Sammi Rotibi
“Rod did it again. I just finished spending 3 months working with Quentin Tarantino on ‘Django Unchained’ with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio. Thanks to him my careers in a place I’ve only dreamed of.”
‘Mission To Mars,”Django Unchained,’ ‘‘Tears of the Sun,’ ‘Lord of War,’ ‘Luv’

Bo Yokely
“Its been kinda shocking actually. Rod took me from totally clueless beginner to an actor with a great agent and auditioning for major TV shows and films in 5 months. What else is there to say. My goal of being a professional actor is actually happening.” In my first three months into my auditioning career i landed parts in three major films, and just recently finished playing my first lead role in a Netflix movie called ‘Nappily Ever After.’ You want a real acting career, hire Rod.
Baywatch, Gaurdians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Ronnie Blevins
“Rod’s coaching was my missing link. After one month with him I booked the new Batman movie ‘The Dark Night Rises,’ and huge guest spots on ‘Justified,’ and ‘CSI NY’. And now that 3 year’s working with him has passed my resume has been further padded with the movie ‘Jobs,’ ‘Seven Psychopaths,’ and a lead role across from Nicolas Cage in ‘Joe,’ as well 13 guest spots and a recurring on ‘True Detective’. Finding Rod has been like finding Gold!”

Brett Baker
“This business can be brutal, it’s easy to forget that you do this because you love to act. Rod has an ability to keep that love alive and that fire lit in you. He’s pure acting Fuel!”
Focus, LBJ, Identity Theif, Big Miracle

Micheal Monks
“Rod’s favorite thing to say is “I’m not a teacher, I’m a coach. You’re an athlete and I’m getting you ready for the big game!” I have to say that all my recent credits are a testimony to that.”
Suicide Squad, End Of Watch, Harsh Times

Robin Mcdonald
Are you kidding me, private sessions with a working actor of Rod’s experience? He’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I booked a ‘Law and Order; LA’ two weeks after our first session.”
Finding Steve McQueen

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