March 20, 2017     |     Rod Rowland

Its all about your attitude, and mindset in being a professional working actor. 80% of your success as an actor in this business, and your ability to keep showing up to take the proper steps and staying inspired all comes from your mindset. You must take care of it on a consistent daily basis if you want any kind of longevity in this business. Yes, you must know how to act and have a craft, and have it deeply. But it’s your mindset that gives your craft its wings and makes it fly. It’s your mindset that attracts employers that want to put you in their projects. It’s your mindset that gives an actor his glow that gets him chosen over all the others for a part. It’s also the strength of your mindset that allows you to recover from disappointments in this business quickly, and keep on. Mindset that gives the beginner faith and strength to start down the path of being an actor and maintain it. So read whatever self-help style, attitude adjustment books you can, or find a discipline like meditation and yoga. Whatever it is your attracted too, but do it. Do it hard and consistently like your whole career depends on it, because it does. Ive really been getting a lot of inspiration these books lately. Leveraging The Universe and Engaging Life’s Magic, by Mike Dooley. Also: The Magic, by Rhonda Bynes.



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