49 OUT OF 50?

March 20, 2017     |     Rod Rowland

Casting directors say 49 out of 50 actors auditioning for the same role, play the character the same exact way, and sound almost exactly alike. Crazy right? It happens because they all follow the exact punctuation that the writer wrote on the scene page. Thus making them all have the same pacing and rhythm and word emphasis.

Casting directors are all looking for a fresh interpretation: One where the actor brings his own rhythms and punctuations to the scene i.e.- their own unique personality. To arrive at that place where you can truly put your own uniqueness into the character and not be a slave to punctuation, you must spend quality time with the material to go beyond the first instinctual interpretation that everybody else uses. An actor that works a lot knows this and will without hesitation put this kind of extra work in. But how does an actor specifically do you do that extra work to find their own unique self in the character? I’ve got the answer to that. It pretty much took my whole career to figure it out too. I teach a memorization technique that is the foundation of my whole system. It’s a technique that I created for myself. This very special way of memorizing allows actors that train under me to be able to understand complex acting tools, and own them in a mere fraction of the time it took me. Plus allowing them to able to bring the best, most dynamic parts of their personality and put it right into their work. I can honestly say this tool will be your best friend when it comes to be a working actor. The day I discovered and defined it for myself was the day my whole understanding of the craft of acting and the direction of my career changed. It would be my absolute pleasure to teach it to you, and witness the immediate transformation it causes in your work.



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